Monthly Archives: August 2009

Refusing to believe (anything at all)

When did people get the idea that tolerance means not having any strong opinions on anything? I occasionally made fun of this at my old blog, but I recently stumbled across a more extreme example: one of the things that struck me about Karen Armstrong’s The Case for God (aside from the butchering of Aquinas [...]

I think I’m going to have to read Robert Wright

Via The Colgate Twins, I discover that Jerry Coyne reviewed Robert Wright’s The Evolution of God and now Wright is complaining that Coyne misrepresented his views. I had previously seen Wright’s book at a Borders, looked at it in part because I mistakenly thought I had read something else by him, and then realized the [...]

The real problem with alpha males

Yglesias and Fiedersdorf have begun saying that the idea of the alpha male–which, applied to humans, has become a pop-culture cliche–is based on outdated research on wolves. This is wrong. Here’s the truth: we’ve known, for decades, that animals form dominance hierarchies largely based on fighting ability (though in primates political savvy plays a role). [...]

Lee Strobel

A reader writes: Today I got to thinking: Why is it that people like Lee Strobel are so eager to believe Christianity? After all, from reading his books I’ve come to conclude that he must be somewhat dishonest with himself: He’s jumped to a conclusion, presumably because he wants to believe very badly. Why do [...]

The essence of comedy

All the commenters think this guy is a douchebag, but I think it’s the most brilliant humor piece that short I’ve ever read. Making the jump from “I get laid a lot” to “I miss masturbation” is a perfect example of the old comedy maxim: “Start off going in one direction, then go somewhere comepletely [...]