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“Takes seriously the question”

I haven’t been blogging much lately, but this book review by Gary Gutting is right in my wheelhouse. It reviews a book by Philip Kitcher, and spends a lot of time talking about why he’s so much better than Dawkins. In particular: Even more important, Kitcher takes seriously the question of whether atheism can replace [...]

The state of biblical scholarship, philosophy, and atheism

A comment signed Deisticially asks about a whole bunch of things I haven’t written about recently (if ever), so I’m using this as an excuse. Comment edited for spelling: Firstly- why do atheists claim that the majority of biblical scholars believe that Jesus was an endtime prophet? To my knowledge (and according to Wikipedia), the [...]

Dawkins, Aquinas, and Feser

A reader writers: In a blog post a while ago you mentioned you might give your thoughts on Dawkins’ take on Aquinas’ five ways. I’m currently trying to write something which includes Dawkins’ coverage of natural theology, and how far he’s given acceptable responses to theistic arguments. If you did have time to cover what [...]

Dear Massimo: please stop assuming non-philosophers are inferior

Jerry Coyne is still annoyed at Massimo Pigliucci: Massimo, you’re a smart guy, and could be a real asset to atheism. But don’t you see how you look to many of us with your arrogance and your constant lectures on how we’re not as smart, insightful, or philosophically sophisticated as you? Many of your posts [...]

Review of Gary Gutting’s What Philosophers Know, part 3

This last part of the review (see parts one and two) is mostly for the sake of completeness. Thus, it will be shorter, but I’ll be talking about something a lot of people care about: the status of our scientific beliefs. At the end of his chapter on Plantinga, Gutting makes a claim that he [...]