Impeach Obama

We just came this close to the first time in history a U.S. president had a U.S. citizen killed, without trial, by robot drone. If you aren’t frightened by the prospect of reaching that particular historical milestone, when will you be frightened? We need to do something to stop this shit now.

(More on this later, when I don’t have finals looming over me.)

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  1. Yet Americans approve of targeted killings of fellow Americans by police officers, even if un-convicted. The article is just an emotional litany that tries to pull wool over (bleeding heart) people’s eyes. It surprises me that you would be so fooled. :???:

  2. I have been frightened for a long time, but this particular milestone doesn’t faze me. If the best Supreme Court precedent Greenwald has for his argument is a case that went 7-2 the other way, I suspect that this is not as momentous as he is trying to make it out to be. During the Civil War, Lincoln didn’t send federal marshals into the southern states to make arrests; he sent armies to make war against American citizens.

  3. Chris Hallquist

    Mark–I’m sort of skeptical of this. Link to documentation?