Carnival of the vacationing blogger #2

Hey, welcome to the second edition of the “Chris is on Vacation” blog carnival. This is going to be a lot of goofy stuff, though there are a few serious things I´ll start out with.

First–something I almost can´t believe I´m typing–Chris Mooney has put up a post effectively admitting that Jerry Coyne is right about everything, and that science and religion are incompatible. Mooney just thinks this fact isn´t very important. Kind of puts all Mooney´s previous blogging on this issue in a different light. If you click no other links in this post, click that one, it has to be seen to be believed. Hopefully, this will be the end of this weird little saga.

Also: Chris, thanks for the link. My response to that post is in his comments.

In other serious news, Daylight atheism has a nice post on Jewish nutjobs in Israel, and Jason Rosenhouse has a post on some weird behavior from Michael Ruse.

In the middle of the seriousness spectrum, in the “should I laugh or cry” territory, is a three part expose of craziness inside the Church of Scientology. Hat tip goes to Greta Christina for posting it on Facebook, but also to Hemant.

As for the goofy: we have this wonderful cartoon, accompanied by pretty decent article (via The American Scene), this cartoon, which I at least find wonderful because I once dated an anime chick, this wonderful shot from a real corporte website, and an example of the kind of things philosophers dream about.


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