The 113th Skeptic’s Circle

Welcome to the 113th edition of the Skeptic’s Circle. Since I’m actually writing this from the other side of the globe from where I normally write, so while this post is going up early for my U.S. readers, this is a nasty hour for me and I am very tired. My tired brain wants to launch into a rambling apology for things that may or may not be wrong with this post, but I’ll spare you that and dive right in…

Cubik’s Rube has a nice piece on Atlantis. It’s silly that anyone actually believes this story, but I like the history-of-philosophy nerdage. And Atlantis is a place… I sense travel theme coming on here.

Covering most of the Anglophone world, we have PodBlack Cat, the blog with the sexy catgirl picture, writing about ambush TV and “ambush skepticism.” Interesting topic, though the quoted “skeptic” suggestion wasn’t as messed up as the other things described in the post.

Reporting from Britain… 19th century Britain… we have the Action Skeptic’s blog giving a victorian demolition of some silly anti-skeptic claims.

Reporting from Florida, Pandagon, on a not-so-super crime-fighting dog. Or innocent-imprisioning dog. Or dog owner.

The Skeptical Teacher manages to give us a nice tour of world news: The LHC from continental Europe, another example of the nonsense generated by British libel laws, and British crop circles. Wait that wasn’t around the world, that’s just Europe. The tired carnival host regrets that error, for which he is purely at fault. They’re all lovely posts.

And finally, on a truely global issue, we have Effort Sisyphus taking apart global warming denialism.

I’m going to avoid a long close so I don’t say anything stupid, but I’m happy with this carnival: fewer posts than expected, but very high-quality ones. Read them all.

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