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So, I decided when I made this blog I’d try to get a distinctive theme for it, unlike my last one, which had a stock blogger theme which I grew to dislike with time. Of the feedback I’ve gotten for the current theme, 50% has hated it, but another 50% has loved it. I tried to get a plugin working that would let people choose which theme they wanted to see, but it didn’t work properly for some reason. I’m also aware that the theme doesn’t even display as intended in some web browsers, and would like to fix it. Therefore, I’m creating this thread to:

(1) Solicit technical advice in case anyone out there can suggest how to get a theme-switcher plugin working/make this thing display right in all browsers.
(2) Solicit further votes on whether to keep or change the theme.

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  1. I’m not a fan of the courier type, but I don’t think my opinion counts for much. You decide, Chris, it’s your blog.

  2. I have to be honest, I don’t like this ASCII-ish theme. I’m sure there are better themes out there for WordPress.

  3. Hmmm… I’ll wait a little longer to see if any “pros” come in, but now I’ve got another question: would a superhero theme, taking bits and pieces from the philosopher action figure line and Tom Morris’ Superheroes and philosophy, be too cheesy? I’ve wanted to do something like that for awhile, given the blog name.

  4. I read via RSS so I have to admit that I only see the site itself when I want to comment. I have to agree that the monospace font is not comfortable to read, but I don’t mind much given that I’ve already read it in my feed reader.

    Your layout appears to be broken in ie6. My recommendation would be to place the sidebar element first in your HTML and use the following CSS

    #sidebar {
    float: right;
    width: 173px;

    #posts {
    margin-right: 173px;

    * html #sidebar {
    margin-left: -3px;

    * html #posts {
    margin-right: 170px;

    (the * html properties are hacks to make ie6 behave)

  5. I think the blog format is a bit difficult the read. The text comes in as kind of light, and the yellow link background is understandable but unattractive. The ANSII header and footer are cool, though. I think this style would look cooler with a black background and green text to look like those old computers.

    I like the idea of the superhero philosopher theme. It could look pretty good. I sent you a quick photoshop that I thought looked funny.

  6. Okay, I’ll try to have the superhero theme up and running by the end of Sunday.

  7. Delurking to say I follow you through RSS.

    But looking at it, I love the layout, hate the crudity of the font.

  8. PS I mean as it looks right now.

  9. ANYTHING is better than the text theme.

    Also, Principia Comica has some pretty funny stuff. (philosophy webcomic.)

    Also, we need to talk about arranging the PZ Myers talk. I’m looking at past talks of his and he’s been able to fill auditoria. I’m thinking probably the Agriculture lecture hall’s going to work, although it depends on how many A/V gizmos we need. You’re the only person in AHA this year who as far as I know has experience setting these things up.

  10. Katharine: I thought I sent you the manual I was working on on arranging talks. To get a room, the thing to do is go to 2nd floor Memorial Union and fill out a form, you don’t get to pick the room beyond specifying general characteristics (seating capacity, etc.)

  11. Indeed you did. Thanks for reminding me.

  12. I like it, would like it even more if it showed right in Safari, which is the browser I like.

    But it’s distinctive and makes the content easy to read.